Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Rae...

My "baby" is one today, January 23rd.
Love you, girlie.
First bottle from Mama (1/24/13)

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Many of Rae's major milestones have occurred at the lake place.  She rolled from back to tummy on Father's Day--at the lake.  She rolled tummy to back on Papa's birthday--at the lake.  And now we can add teeth!  On July 17th--while at the lake--I discovered Rae's first tooth.  It was so exciting and heartwarming.  She popped the other one just a day or two later.  Other than a little uncharacteristic diaper rash, we had no clues.  She had been her usual easy-going self.
July 17th, initial moments of discovery.

Just yesterday, attempting to catch a photo--not easy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July...

We spent the Fourth of July Weekend at the lake place and had such a good time!

Ross did some early morning fishing.  Rae and I went to check on him and discovered a painted turtle laying her eggs--amazing!  (Rae and I are still in our jammers.)

Rae's first dip in the water, just her toes.

Rae's first boat ride (just putzing on the pontoon).

Adoption Day: June 17th, 2013...

The hearing to finalize Rae's adoption was June 17th, 2013.  Technically, until that hearing, we were considered her legal guardians.  So, after some more paperwork, home visits, and fees, the day was finally here.  The last step in the process.  In some ways it felt like a formality.  After all, she was ours in our hearts before we even held her the first time.  But now she is ours in the eyes of the law.  Forever.  A formality, in some ways, yes, but immensely special.  We got all dressed up and headed to the Washington County Courthouse, accompanied by grandparents and other family.  The judge was wonderful.  He was very personable and shared with us that one of his children was adopted.  We took pictures with the judge and then all headed back to our house for a family celebration (with some drop-ins by some very special neighbors).  Rae's Adoption Day is something for her to be proud of and for us to honor.  We plan to recognize and celebrate this day every year. 
We love you, Sweet Baby Rae!   

Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Weekend...

We spent the holiday with my family down in Iowa.  We gather at this time every year to camp and canoe along the Boone River.  The weather was crummy this year, but we still enjoyed just being together.  Rae got some quality time with her cousins, including 8 month old Juliana.



Monday, May 20, 2013

An Essay...

A friend of mine, another adoptive mama, passed this on to me. It got to me, as some of the words spoke to past challenges and some of the words warned of the challenges we might someday face.  Adoption comes with unique challenges, that’s for sure.  But the true honor and blessings far outweigh. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Year: 2013...

I found this in my drafts, written early January.  I wrote quite a bit during that time, but never posted.  This is easier to share now, knowing that 2013 did turn out to be our year.  Goes to show God's timing...     

Over the years, I’ve had only one pregnancy.  They told me it probably wouldn’t last.  It didn’t.  But I was a mom for a few days.
I was a mom for a few days again in November, in Las Vegas.
"Infant in arms.  If you’re traveling with a small child, your boarding pass must indicate Infant in Arms."  During my work travels, I’ve heard that announcement so often.  Each time, I’d close my eyes and imagine the day they were talking to me, the flight when I’d have an infant in arms.
That November flight home from Vegas was maybe the worst of all of the terrible moments.  The flight I had imagined so many times.  But not like that.  Not with empty arms.  I cried the entire time.  It was dark, thankfully.
Since then there have been fewer tears.  They spring to the surface at random times.  But definitely fewer and farther between. 
And now it’s a new year. 
For me, since starting this journey, there’s something both sad and hopeful about a new year. 
Another birthday.  Another holiday season.  Without.     
Yet the feeling that this year will be our year.  We’ve said that so many times, always thinking, this has to be it. 
Our adoption status is “active” again.  Back to waiting.  Let’s see what 2013 brings.