Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Week Old...

That's right!  Our little girl is one week old today.  And what a wonderful week it's been!
Her name is Rae Kathryn.  Born 1/23/13.  6 lb 4 oz, 19 in.
It all happened very fast.  We learned that we were to be her parents on the night before she was born.  After her birth, we waited the 24 hours for the papers to be signed, then flew out to get our girl.  We spent that night in the hospital with her, and every moment since then.  We are still in Utah, waiting for ICPC paperwork to process, so that we can leave the state.  The entire experience has been great.  The hospital doctors and nurses, the agency workers, and the hotel staff have all been so good to us.  Unfortunately, we did not meet Rae's birth mom, but she will always be in our prayers.   
Rae has been such a good girl.  She hardly ever fusses, sleeps great in her bassinet, and goes 3-4 hours between feedings.  This time with just the three of us has been very special.  We've had some amazing moments.  On the first night in our hotel, we were all laying together, Rae on my chest.  I said to Ross, "Do you think she knows I'm her mom?"  Right then, she lifted her head and looked right at me, eyes wide.  If Ross hadn't been my witness, I might not have believed it.  Ross has had his moments too.  He sings to her a lot and she just loves it, stares right at him and ultimately falls asleep.  While we are cherishing this time together, we are so excited to share her with family and friends.  We hope to be approved for travel by Friday.
It's been a challenging journey, but now it's time to rejoice!  God has truly blessed us.   

Ride from hospital

Wearing the hat that I made

What's better than a onesie

She positioned herself like this


Our first real outing