Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July...

We spent the Fourth of July Weekend at the lake place and had such a good time!

Ross did some early morning fishing.  Rae and I went to check on him and discovered a painted turtle laying her eggs--amazing!  (Rae and I are still in our jammers.)

Rae's first dip in the water, just her toes.

Rae's first boat ride (just putzing on the pontoon).

Adoption Day: June 17th, 2013...

The hearing to finalize Rae's adoption was June 17th, 2013.  Technically, until that hearing, we were considered her legal guardians.  So, after some more paperwork, home visits, and fees, the day was finally here.  The last step in the process.  In some ways it felt like a formality.  After all, she was ours in our hearts before we even held her the first time.  But now she is ours in the eyes of the law.  Forever.  A formality, in some ways, yes, but immensely special.  We got all dressed up and headed to the Washington County Courthouse, accompanied by grandparents and other family.  The judge was wonderful.  He was very personable and shared with us that one of his children was adopted.  We took pictures with the judge and then all headed back to our house for a family celebration (with some drop-ins by some very special neighbors).  Rae's Adoption Day is something for her to be proud of and for us to honor.  We plan to recognize and celebrate this day every year. 
We love you, Sweet Baby Rae!